About Us

Who We Are

Inteserra Consulting Group, Inc. (fka TMI)  is a consulting firm specializing in state and federal regulatory matters for the telecommunications and competitive energy industries. Established in 1986, our firm brings our ability to collaborate, innovate, and accurately manage required regulatory actions to our clients. Our solid experience with market entry, product planning, and regulatory compliance has enhanced the value of hundreds of competitive service providers by establishing compliance “best practices” and maintaining good standing with state and federal regulatory agencies.

Each member of our consulting staff has worked within the telecom industry or the public utility commission environment and brings real world experience to help our clients meet their goals.

Turning Insights Into Opportunities

How We Can Help

Growing your business and keeping compliant is an ongoing process - from market entry certification, tariff maintenance, and compliance reporting to staying informed through competitive and regulatory monitoring publications. Whatever part of the process you're in, we have the tools to make it easy for you. We have the industry knowledge to assist your company regarding the impact of regulation changes - and the research capability to help when the answers are not clear. Look through our web site for more information about TMI or download the following brochures and samples:


Who We Serve

Our clients range from the smallest entrepreneurs to the largest facilities-based global telecommunications carriers and represent all segments of competitive, regulated industries:

  • VoIP Providers
  • Prepaid Calling Card Providers
  • IXCs/Resellers
  • Local Exchange Companies (CLECs and ILECs)
  • Small Cell Wireless
  • Operator Service Providers
  • Debit Card Providers
  • Payphone Owners
  • Wireless
  • Energy Resale
  • ISPs